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12-07-2023 16:39
RT @dantechservices: Web-Browsing Glitch Prompts Apple to Withdraw Zero-Day Fix
https://t.co/85AddDFP2T https://t.co/7pcWiqbyrH
12-07-2023 16:04
RT @DarkReading: Apple users, heads up: Apple's emergency fix for a Webkit flaw being exploited in the wild is reportedly buggy itself. @wi…
12-07-2023 14:13
Apple releases, quickly pulls Rapid Security Response update for 0-day WebKit bug - Ars Technica…
12-07-2023 13:37
Apple urges users to update iOS, iPadOS, and macOS for zero-day patch
12-07-2023 11:35
Apple pushes Rapid Response patch to fix WebKit zero-day
https://t.co/NeJy1x0qv0 via @computerweekly
12-07-2023 10:51
InfoSec News Nuggets 07/12/2023
https://t.co/ftL9Wa1Oxf Apple releases, quickly pulls Rapid Security Response upda… https://t.co/LDbdGgvi3q
12-07-2023 10:07
Apple blocks update for zero day new solution not yet ready:
https://t.co/3l3Obii8Mf Link: https://t.co/iDt4AsNWPA https://t.co/a9O0NXLil6
12-07-2023 10:04
Apple issues Rapid Security Response for zero-day vulnerability
12-07-2023 10:02
Apple releases emergency patches for 0-day vulnerability in WebKit:
https://t.co/vJxSxSaG5q Link:… https://t.co/funIEC8h9G
12-07-2023 07:57
Apple has asked users to remove the latest emergency software updates that were released on Monday address a zer…
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